Custom Automation Solutions To Fit Every Application

ABCO has many years of experience in developing and implementing custom automation solutions. Our robotic solutions include vision-guided robots, small parts assembly, automated test systems, robotic dispensing, large material handling systems with flexible robotic work cells that accommodate short product life cycles and quick changeovers.


From Lean Semi-Automatic Assembly Stations To Large Synchronous Precision Indexing Machines, Abco Designs And Builds Assembly Equipment That Meets Client’s Needs, Adheres To The Budget, And Delivers On-Time. Our Custom Automation Solutions Not Only Improve Manufacturing Processes And Increase Throughput But Provide A Quick Return On Investment.



Whether a small footprint cell with a single functioning robot or part of a large complex cell with several multi-tasking robots, ABCO can design and build a robotic dispensing solution to meet virtually any needs, in any industry. Robotic dispensing is ideal for delivering adhesives, sealants, and lubricants, evenly and precisely in pre-determined locations despite complex contours or curves.



ABCO has a solid reputation for designing and building custom packaging machines and turnkey packaging lines for manufacturers in a wide range of industries. With ABCO’s custom automation solutions, companies gain increased productivity, improved quality, and ensured reliability—benefits not usually achieved with standard off-the-shelf equipment.



Whether a stand-alone cell or comprehensive production line, ABCO can design and build an automated material handling system to fit virtually any application. We have extensive experience with all facets of the material handling process including: robotic part selection, part transfer, packing, palletizing, and loading/unloading.


From stand-alone test stations to online 100 percent inspection systems, ABCO designs and builds specialized inspection and testing equipment to enhance the inspection process, provide a production line overview, and identify/classify defects. Our strengths in machine vision, control systems, and customized part handling enable us to deliver quality turnkey solutions.


ABCO Designs And Builds A Wide Range Of Custom Automation Solutions For Vision Which Help Detect Product Defects, Monitor Production Lines, Guide Assembly Robots, And Recognize Barcodes Or Optical Characters As Well As Track, Sort And Identify Parts. At All Stages Of The Production Process, A Vision System Can Help Improve Quality, Eliminate Errors, While Lowering Costs.