ABCO Automation Supports FIRST Robotics

Proud Sponsor of FRC

ABCO Automation is proud to support the FIRST Robotics Competition. Two weekends in  January we hosted more than 60 students from six local high school robotics teams, helping them kick-start their 2016 FRC build season. To start things off, the kids learned about this year’s game, Stronghold. Each team has just 6 weeks to design, build, and ship the robot to the first competition. ABCO is committed to supporting all of the teams in our area, providing guidance from our mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and project managers, assisting the students, their mentors, and coaches.

Encouraging Students


FIRST Robotics is the most effective program we have seen for encouraging students to pursue an education and career in STEM fields, and we are excited to see the growth in the number of high schools with robotics teams. Our part manufacturing and machine building capabilities, along with the number of engineers we employ at ABCO, positions us as uniquely qualified to support these teams.

Engineering Design Fundamentals

On Sunday, the day after the game was unveiled, we reviewed engineering design fundamentals and led the students in game strategy, identifying desired robot capabilities, and began working on concepts that will allow their robot to do things like raise a portcullis or launch a boulder at their opponent’s castle. The following Saturday the teams returned for help in prototyping their concepts, designing in 3D, programming, and manufacturing parts for their robots. We provided a hot dog lunch for almost 100 people.

I am very proud of the 20 or so ABCO employees that rearranged their schedules and gave of their time to help these students. We recognize these high school students are our future engineers and a big part of the future of our country. Additional information on FIRST Robotics can be found at

Brad Kemmerer