ABCO boasts 30,000 square feet of in-house Metal Fabrication and Machining. This work space allows us to provide custom quality-controlled components and assemblies that support the requirements of machine builds as well as enables us to deliver a fast turn-around time. We have extensive machining equipment, including CAD/CAM machinery for CNC milling, drilling, turning, and grinding operations on all types of metal and plastic materials. Our specialties lie in CNC horizontal turning, vertical 5-axis milling, horizonal milling, and high-speed machining. With those particular capabilities, we are able to precision machine parts from 1" to 120". In addition, ABCO has a vertical boring mill which allows us to machine diverse shapes of heavy or large parts.

Our metal fabrication and machining teams know their trades and value quality, accuracy, and on-time completion of their work. Both teams work together to manufacture components integral to ABCO’s custom design build and build-to-print equipment, as well as provide job-shop machining and fabrication services for clients. ABCO’s in-house abilities demonstrate our full-service commitment to clients and ensure exceptional quality control of our manufactured components. For a full list of ABCO’s equipment and capabilities, see our Metal Fabrication and Machining equipment list below.


As part of our end-to-end welding process, we perform Non Destructive Examinations (NDE) on our welded components to locate and determine any defects. Applying Visual Inspection (VT), our Level II and Level III NDE inspectors practice in accordance with SNT-TC-1A. With tools such as fillet gauges, magnifying glasses, tape measures, and calipers, inspectors can reveal spatter, excessive buildup, incomplete slag removal, cracks, heat distortion, undercutting, and poor penetration.Metal Fabrication and Machining Equipment List


  • Sawing

  • Shearing

  • Forming

  • Punching

  • Rolling

  • CNC laser and plasma cutting

  • Drilling

  • Tube bending

  • MIG, TIG, and ARC welding


  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

  • Gas Metal Arch Welding (GMAW)

  • Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW-P)

  • Pulsed Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

  • (GTAW-P)

  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

  • Arc Stud Welding (SW)

  • Oxyfuel Gas Cutting (PAC)

  • Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC)

  • Air Carbon Arc Cutting/Gouging (CAC-A)

  • Laser Beam Cutting (LBC)


Metal Fabrication And Machining Equipment List

Fabrication Equipment List

(1) Mitsubishi Waterjet System. Suprema DX510

  • 5'x10' cutting area

  • Cutting thickness up to 6”

  • 50 HP 60K PSI Pump

  • Collision detection

  • Abrasive removal system

  • Submerged cutting

  • Closed-Loop Water Recycling System

  • w/ 40,000btu Chiller

(1) Hankwang Koba Plus 3105 Laser, 4000 watt with 5’ x 10’ table

  • Up to 3/4” carbon steel

  • Up to 1/2” stainless steel

  • Up to 3/8” aluminum plate

CAD capabilities in Solidworks, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and GibbsCAM

(1) CMM Romer Arm 8’ dia measurement area

  • +/-.001 accuracy

(2) Drill presses

(4) Band Saws

(1) Baykal 350 ton press brake, 12’-0” capacity

(1) Cincinnati Hydraulic shear, 10’-0” capacity

(1) Timesaver sheet metal finisher 32” x 6” capacity

(1) Ceramic Media Vibratory Finisher (Bowl Type)

(1) Plate roll former with 6” rolls

(9) Welding bays - MIG, TIG and stick and Bluco Fixture tables

(1) Plasma Cutter

(1) Ironworker

Machining Equipment List

3 axis CNC Vertical Machining centers

  • (1) Daewoo DMV4020, 40” x 20” with tool changer

  • (1) Milltronics Partner MB20, 38” x 20”

  • (1) Mazak Nexus 410B-II, 30” x 16” with tool changer

  • (1) Doosan 650DMN 50” x 26” with tool changer

  • (1) Femco Horizontal Boring Mill

(1) Daewoo Puma 240M 3 axis CNC turning center

  • 3” diameter bar feeder

  • Live tooling

  • Tool changer

(1) Accurite 2 axis CNC vertical mills

(3) Vertical Mills

(2) Lathes, 8” swing and 12” swing

(1) Surface Grinder 12” x 24”