Success is Dependent on Cycle Time and Productivity

Machine tending robots offer tremendous value when precision applications are required and shorter cycle times are a must. Using robots for machine tending applications benefits manufacturing in numerous ways. Managing a production process by incorporating robots reduces human error and increases speed and efficiency. Integrating machine tending robots allow for continuous production with repeatable accuracy. Robots, unlike manual machine tending, can provide continuous 24-hour manufacturing, resulting in higher yields and increased profits by cutting production time 2-4 seconds per cycle.

Machine tending robots provide increased productivity that can’t be matched by its human counterpart. Manual machine loading is inefficient, dangerous, and does not afford the consistency that a robotic material handling process can provide. Labor reduction can equal three employees per 24-hour period per system, with the added benefit of a more efficient precision application. In addition a machine tending robots can handle heavier loads, reducing the risk of employee injury.

Robotic Machine Tending

ABCO Automation offers many solutions for adding machine tending robots into production processes; the options include a vast list of executions. Machine tending robots offer many features, including a small footprint which is ideal for manufacturers concerned about space limitations and easy re-programming for flexible changeovers.

As we design machine tending robot systems, we conduct a finite element analysis (FEA) to identify possible defects and/or failure points due to stress, position, and other design variables. If the simulation indicates a weakness in the design, then our mechanical engineers make adjustments to the design or materials before the parts are fabricated, which saves money and time. We can also design custom bases and pedestals depending on specific needs.

Increase Productivity

Machine tending robots can cut production time by 2-4 seconds per cycle.

Increase Profits

Machine tending robots offer higher yields, lower overhead, and a higher quality product.


  • Robot

  • EOAT

  • Safety guarding

  • Vision

  • Controls system

  • Installation

  • Startup


  • Improves ergonomics and safety

  • Increases productivity

  • Provides shorter cycle times

  • Offers quick ROI

  • Accommodates precision applications

  • Handles heavy loads

  • Enables flexible programming

  • Safer than manual loading


  • Injection molding

  • Blow molding

  • CNC

  • ASRS

  • Presses

  • Stamping machines

  • Converting equipment (slitters and rewinders)