Complete Inspection and Testing Systems for Improving Manufacturing Processes

ABCO designs and builds specialized inspection and testing equipment from stand-alone test stations to online 100 percent inspection systems. With an automated 100 percent vision inspection system, cameras can be programmed to automatically verify dozens of features on all products or assemblies in a matter of seconds. Additionally, precision laser sensors can provide micron-level measurement accuracy without direct contact with the part. Strengths in machine vision, control systems, and customized part handling enables ABCO to deliver quality turnkey solutions.

ABCO utilizes LabVIEW hardware and software in many of our test systems. With LabVIEW we can visualize every aspect of  an application, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging. This visualization makes it simple to integrate measurement hardware from any vendor, represent complex logic on the diagram, develop data analysis algorithms, and design custom engineering user interfaces. Our machine vision experts have a track record of success with state-of-the-art inspection systems, including composite line scan analysis and precision measurements in compliance with stringent Gauge R&R specifications.

Successful projects include: 100 percent testing of wheel speed sensors, glass and plastic vial inspection, assembled piston inspection, inspection of nuclear fuel pellets, and automatic measurement of tool wear in machining operations.



  • High caliber engineering knowledge and capabilities

  • A team that thrives on complex automated machine design

  • A partner that stands behind our designs 100 percent of the time

  • Excellent conceptual equipment and systems controls strategies

  • Detailed engineering and design

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Machine assembly and startup support

  • Field support as a value-added service


  • Appliances

  • Automotive

  • Chemical

  • Consumer goods

  • Cosmetics

  • Electronics

  • Fiber optics and glass

  • Food and beverage

  • Medical devices

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Plastics

  • Power generation

  • Textiles

  • Tobacco


  • High precision gauging

  • Flaw detection

  • OCR / OCV

  • 1D / 2D barcode reading

  • Robot / motion guidance

  • Web inspection

  • Automated test and inspection systems