ABCO Engineering Delivers Solid Solutions

Managing a design build project's progress requires our project management team to work hand-in-hand with ABCO engineering. The design process ranges from overall conceptual engineering to detailed design and machine and system programming. With 50 plus electrical and mechanical engineers on staff, we’re poised to design build a solution for any manufacturing environment and any system type, including material handling, packaging, robotics, testing/inspection, or vision.

ABCO design engineers are well-versed in SolidWorks 3D Software. Through this dynamic software package, we are not only able to create mechanical and electrical designs, we have the ability to:

  • Execute thorough concept evaluations

  • Create e-drawings for client collaboration

  • Perform a finite element analysis for determining potential part issues

  • Generate drawings for instruction and maintenance manuals

  • Produce manufacturing drawings and electrical schematics

We methodically test our models to ensure that the proposed solution produces the desired end result in the allotted space. In addition, ABCO uses SISTEMA software on all projects to verify that our designs meet the required performance level per our risk assessment.

This practice helps eliminate potential design flaws and produce a more resilient solution that stands up in a real-world production environment. As part of the design build process, we provide interactive design reviews to eliminate surprises and gain design enhancements and improvements. ABCO engineers are also accessible for machine assembly, startup support, and field support.

We Include FMEA In All Our Design Build Projects

As a part of a project’s program, a cross functional team conducts a Machinery Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) on the system as well as the subsystem. With FMEA we can evaluate equipment and tooling and use its findings to help us improve operator safety and take proactive steps towards building more robust and reliable machines. We use a standardized form to document our findings, including potential failures; failure effects and causes; recommended actions and completed actions. Team members assign 1-10 ranking scale numbers to any failures, taking into consideration failure severity, frequency, and ease of detection, and then implement corrective actions starting with the highest-priority failures. We’ve found that a thorough FMEA not only prevents problems early in the design phase, it helps maintain delivery schedules, minimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Film Packet Loader: Industrial And Consumer Products


Solid Solutions

  • Define Requirements

  • Develop Concepts

  • Design and Build


  • High caliber engineering knowledge and capabilities

  • A team that thrives on complex automated machine design

  • A partner that stands behind our designs 100 percent of the time

  • Excellent conceptual equipment and systems controls strategies

  • Detailed engineering and design

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Machine assembly and startup support

  • Field support as a value-added service


  • Appliances

  • Automotive

  • Chemical

  • Consumer goods

  • Cosmetics

  • Electronics

  • Fiber optics and glass

  • Food and beverage

  • Medical devices

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Plastics

  • Power generation

  • Textiles

  • Tobacco


  • Automated assembly

  • Large material handling

  • Parts orientation and marking

  • Multi-station work cells

  • Product packaging