Design Build Custom Automation

We Work With Many Controls, Robots, Vision Manufacturers


As a provider of design build custom automation, ABCO is extremely proud that it is an official Systems Integrator for Rockwell Automation. While the majority of control systems are based on Rockwell Automation ControlLogix and CompactLogix PACs, we also have extensive experience working with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Siemens Corporation.


ABCO has many years of experience in developing and implementing robotic automation solutions. We can provide any level of robotic support from application evaluations to turnkey solutions. ABCO’s robotic automation experience includes vision-guided robots, small parts assembly, automated test systems, and large material handling systems specializing in flexible robotic work cells that accommodate short product life cycles and quick changeovers. ABCO is an authorized integrator for:

Robotic Assembly: Industrial And Consumer Products


ABCO has provided a wide range of design build custom automation solutions with machine vision systems. This tool is ideal for quality checks, sorting applications, optical character recognition, part recognition, and more. We work with only the best vision systems manufacturers, including:


Solid Solutions

  • Define Requirements

  • Develop Concepts

  • Design and Build


  • High caliber engineering knowledge and capabilities

  • A team that thrives on complex automated machine design

  • A partner that stands behind our designs 100 percent of the time

  • Excellent conceptual equipment and systems controls strategies

  • Detailed engineering and design

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • Machine assembly and startup support

  • Field support as a value-added service


  • Appliances

  • Automotive

  • Chemical

  • Consumer goods

  • Cosmetics

  • Electronics

  • Fiber optics and glass

  • Food and beverage

  • Medical devices

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Plastics

  • Power generation

  • Textiles

  • Tobacco


  • Automated assembly

  • Large material handling

  • Parts orientations and marking

  • Multi-station work cells

  • Product packaging