Material Handling: Stingray Delivers Reliable Product Transfers

Designed and manufactured by ABCO, Stingray is a robust, low-profile modular belt conveyor that uses micropitch plastic belts.  Just as its name suggests, Stingray is powerful, yet gentle. This heavy-duty stainless steel conveyor provides extremely reliable product transfer, smooth transitions, and product accumulation, making it ideal for delicate, small footprint, or unstable products that may be easily damaged by a conventional conveyor. Stingray delivers nose roller transfers as tight as 0.90″, which allows smooth transitions from one belt to another and with almost no vibration, the conveyor can handle the most fragile items. In addition, the durable plastic belting helps prevent chips, scuffs, and scratches on products, and the belt's open-hinge design makes it suitable for applications that require sanitation.

Stingray is scalable with sections available up to 20' and belt widths include 4, 8, 12, and 24 inches, allowing easy integration into most floor spaces and existing packaging lines. Conveyor sections easily accommodate 90 degree transfers for smooth movement from one conveyor to another. The belt's modular design simplifies repairs. If any part of the belt breaks, only the broken piece needs replacing, which is done by simply extracting the adjacent plastic rods.

ABCO's Stingray Modular Belt Conveyor includes these features:

  • Conveyor frames and spanners constructed of 11-gauge stainless steel and optional powder coating for increased durability; powder coating resists chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing

  • Hardened steel nose ends provide better wear and adjustability

  • Additional bearings to provide greater load capacity

  • Customizable position sensors

  • Removable custom deck plates for supporting the belts

Why It Works

  • Micropitch belt transfers designed into the conveyor on a single drive with sub-1" transfers

  • 10mm end rollers with radial bearings allow for a tight radius

  • Micropitch belt is more durable than fabric; no tension adjustments required as with fabric belts


Adhering to ABCO's high quality standards, Stingray uses first-rate materials and most parts are manufactured in ABCO's in-house fabrication and machine shop. The Stingray Modular Belt Conveyor is pre-engineered, built-to-order, and available on a quick-ship basis.


Stingray Conveyor: Small Electronic Parts / Food

Smooth Transitions

Nose roller transfers as tight as .90" from one belt to another.

Powerful Yet Gentle

Stingray is ideal for delicate, small footprint, or unstable products.


  • Stainless steel or powder coated conveyor frame

  • Superior sprocket engagement for

  • bi-directional drive

  • Smooth belt surface

  • Modular: sections available up to 20’

  • Easily accommodates 90° transfers

  • Transition center-to-center .975″

  • Nosebar: 10mm hardened steel with radial bearings

  • Belt loads up to 150 pounds

  • Belt widths: 4, 8, 12 and 24 inches

  • Mounting slots for simple assembly


  • Sections connect and install quickly

  • Minimal or no vibration to handle fragile items

  • Proper alignment of small product

  • Tight transfers between conveyors

  • Smooth and precise transitions with minimum gap

  • Accommodates delicate, small footprint, or unstable products

  • Scalable to accommodate all size environments

  • Easily integrates into packaging lines

  • Prevents chips, scuffs, and scratches on products

  • Variable widths save floor space

  • Low cost of operation with quick ROI

  • Easy-to-clean belt