ABCO Automation’s Build to Print manufacturing team is key to meeting our clients’ advanced automation, machine building requirements. With an abundance of knowledge and experience, the Build to Print team is well equipped to produce a superior end-product no matter what the challenges. Often other build to print manufacturers shy away from the complexities that occur with automation systems, but ABCO gladly accepts the potential for obstacles and works tirelessly building equipment the way it is designed to work. ABCO’s Build to Print team has long been known for excelling at delivering multifaceted, unique build to print machines.

And, we strive to add value to the build to print process. Because we have a full staff of electrical and mechanical engineers, we can offer our clients guidance and expertise. Often, we are asked to review documents and “redline” with comments and changes. In addition, at times build to print projects might face obsolescence issues which could require re-engineering. With a staff of approximately 60 engineers, we have the resources to make any necessary parts or process changes.

In addition, ABCO has a standard 12-month warranty on all build to print products, so clients can rest assured that they’ve chosen the right partner for their build to print machine.

Best-in-Class Quality

ABCO’s Build to Print manufacturing team holds itself to the highest levels of quality machine building. Our processes ensure attention to detail and efficient management—with projects handled only by experienced team members. Individuals working on machine builds are experienced with ABCO’s procedures and understand our commitment to high-quality standards. Our in-house capabilities include: engineering; machining and metal fabrication; validation testing; and quality control—all contributing to superior build-to-print manufacturing. Our entire organization follows ISO processes for all operations, and managers uphold following strict quality guidelines every step in the process.

The quality department utilizes state-of-the-art tools, including Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Romer Arms, to test/measure large parts and assemblies. Our CMMs include model-based inspection software, allowing us to validate our results against customer-supplied drawings. In addition, we operate a UL Certified Panel Shop, so if a client requires UL certification, we can mark panels UL certified, and we also offer CE marking for overseas clients.

Exceptional Lead Times

We fully understand and value our clients’ needs especially when it comes to meeting established timelines on build-to-print manufacturing projects. While we will never sacrifice the quality of the build, we do follow well documented procedures to uphold a smooth build to print process. In the project’s kick-off phase, we develop a schedule that is set and agreed upon by both ABCO and the client—then we work diligently, making sure we adhere to timelines.

With our SyteLine ERP system, we not only manage our day-to-day business, we oversee individual projects, ensuring that we have visibility to project requirements and production schedules. From receipt of an order and client’s complete drawing package, we can deliver a build-to-print machine in approximately 14–16 weeks. And, less complicated machines can be manufactured and assembled in as little as 8–10 weeks. ABCO is centrally located on the east coast in the Greensboro, N.C. area, providing less expensive and shorter shipping times to eastern US clients.

Validation Testing

One of ABCO’s in-house services is factory acceptance testing (FAT). All ABCO manufactured systems undergo a rigorous testing phase per the system’s specifications. This guarantees that all components work together. All programs are thoroughly optimized for proper performance and cycle times. Dry-testing and debugging are part of ABCO’s standard procedures and performed prior to delivery and installation.


ABCO Automation holds our clients’ designs and machine builds in the strictest confidence and takes corporate espionage very seriously. All ABCO staff undergoes a thorough background check during the hiring process and signs a confidentiality agreement. We understand the costs involved in research and development, and we do everything possible to safeguard our clients’ proprietary information. In the rare instance that we hire contract labor, these individuals are subject to the same background checks and confidentiality agreements as permanent employees.












ABCO boasts 30,000 square feet of in-house Metal Fabrication and Machining. This work space allows us to provide custom quality-controlled components and assemblies that support the requirements of machine builds as well as enables us to deliver a fast turn-around time. Click here for more information.


ABCO’s Build to Print manufacturing facility includes a Client Center that provides visiting clients a place to plug in a laptop, access a wireless connection, charge a cell phone, make phone calls, or enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Our goal is to make clients as comfortable as possible while spending time in our facility. Click here for more information.